Puffintaxi private tours

About us

The owner and founder of Puffin taxi is Ólafur Hjörtur Ómarsson but always referred to as Óli. He grew up in the east of Iceland in a small town named Neskaupstaður and went early age to sea as was very common being brought up a small town of fisheries. Óli worked on the sea for 30 years. 

Couple of years ago he found it was time to change profession so he took up driving a taxi and moved to Reykjavík. After a while Óli realized that he really liked the company of people and enjoyed talking about his culture to foreigners. First he started to drive for other travel agencies but then came to realize he might as well do it for himself.

Óli very obliging and his goal is to meet people’s wishes so slight plan changes are not a problem for Óli. 

Óli drives 2021 model of a Mercedes-Benz-Vito. The car has 8 seats which means it can take up to 7 passengers.

We offer a baby car seats for 0-9 kg and 9-18 kg.