The Golden Circle

Trip information

Thingvellir, Almannagjá , Geysir, Strokkur, Gullfoss and Friðheimar

We start this journey by driving to Thingvellir, where our parliament was established 930 and makes it the oldest legislative parliament in the world. Thingvellir has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2004.

We will explore the spectacular nature by foot. The entrance to Thingvellir is a walk through Almannagjá gorge, visible evidence where the ground has subsided from earthquakes. This is one of the best place to study divergent plate boundary in the world. The crack that lies from south west where you a arrive at the airport to then north east of the country is very noticable at Thingvellir where you can se the Euro Asian plate and North American tectonic plates meet.

Thingvellir has a meaning to most Icelanders, here people gathered for hundreds of years when the parliament came together, and the folks found this a suitable place to communicate with people from different part of the country as well as finding a suitable spouse.

From the tectonic plates we will drive to the thermal landscape around iconic Geysir  with the erupting hot springs, where Strokkur blows up every 7 minutes or so. This is the place where you can really feel the energy beneath the Island and it is phenomenal experience.

It ́s ideal to enjoy the scenery by Geyser for one hour or so. After Geyser make our way to Gullfoss  which is a beautiful two cascade waterfall with a lot of history that our guide will be happy to inform you about.

It is optional to have lunch at Geysir or stop at Friðheimar where a family grows tomatos all year around under artificial lighting greehouses, and have late lunch.

After lunch it is ideal to visit the oldest swimming pool in Iceland named Secret lagoon  it is a natural hot pool in a geothermal area and a great way to relax after the road trip before heading back to the city.

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